26 November 2012

First Post Ever

This is my first post and I have to say I'm still not sure what will this blog look like. I guess I'm gonna post things which I like or find really inspiring. There will be posts about fashion, make up, nails, hair, all those girly stuff, but also about movies, tv shows, video games, music... This is going to be my online diary, and if you find anything inspiring here, it will make me happy (even though I am doing this mostly for myself :p). I hope you will join my blog adventure.
I am sending you much love. =^.^=

P.S. The bow I'm wearing is from moiminnie , check out her blog, it's one of my favorites! <3


  1. Bas si slatka i super ti stoji masna!!!

    Samo napred. :)


  2. welcome to blogspot!
    I think you are starting super well!
    These photos are lovely. I'm a new follower.
    Giveaway on my blog.

    1. thank you :3
      I just checked yours and it's super cute <3

  3. Preslatka si :) Samo napred, i sve postove radi samo za svoju dusu <3

  4. Odlicne fotografije! :)
    Ako imas vremena pogledaj moj blog, nedavno sam ga napravila!<3