27 February 2013

Stop Wearing Fur

This is the most serious post I have ever written, because it can save many lives. If only one person after reading this decides not to wear fur anymore, and in that way saves one or more lives - my goal is accomplished. 
I have loved animals since I was a little kid, and lately I feel that I have to do something about all these animals suffering and dying in cruel ways. This is definitely not a nice post to read, but it is the truth, everyone deserves to know it!
The truth is that only a small percent of fur is coming from dead animals. The biggest fur providers are fur farms around the world, taking around 85%. Animals on these farms spend their whole lives in small filthy wire cages waiting to be killed in one of the many cruel ways, including gas, poison, suffocation, electrocution, and even beating to death. Many animals go insane under these conditions; they bite themselves, their skin, feet, tail or even attack their cage-mates. There is no law that can protect these poor animals.
Killing methods are awful and disturbing. Because fur farms only care about quality of the fur, they use killing methods that are causing so much pain to poor animals, but keeping their fur on a high level. Some animals are skinned alive. Some are electrocuted through their mouth and anuses. Some are poisoned with strychnine, which paralyzes them and causes them unbearable pain. Neck-breaking is just another cruel way of killing them. And that all happens on fur farms.
The other way of getting fur is trapping wild animals. Animals who got trapped suffer for days from blood loss, shock, dehydration, gangrene... and they also get killed in one of the ways above. 
The largest fur exporter is China. Actually the most fur that comes from China is mislabeled as fur from other species, when they are actually from dogs, cats or other animals. Since fur  in the USA and Europe is mostly provided by China, if you buy fur, there is no way to tell whose fur you are wearing.
If you read all this please don't just pretend like nothing happened. You finally know the truth and you should share it with as many people as you can. I'm sure if everyone knew where the fur comes from, the most people wouldn't wear it, and so many lives could be saved!

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and remember: you could save many lives IF you just spread the word!

*the fur on the pictures is faux fur


  1. I will post it in my blog too, now
    I love animal and it hurts me somuch
    Great information:)


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  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comments!
    I really like this post, I agree with you!

  4. I agree with you!This post is so well done!
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  5. Preach!
    Faux fur all the way!

    xo Jennifer


  6. I only wear faux fur! But I heard that even by doing that, you are glorifying the fur industry! My moms friend had someone pour red paint on her real fur coat a few years ago, in NYC, when there were many street attacks of this kind going on. She had it cleaned and kept on wearing her fur!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

    1. That's an interesting thought. I have never looked on it in that way. But I still think that promoting faux fur is better than being quiet about everything. :)

  7. Konacno jedna razumna blogerka!

    1. Hvala, mada ne bih rekla da sam razumna, samo sam obavestena. Uverena sam da i druge blogerke znaju istinu, da ne bi nosile krzno :)

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  9. I love fur but only FAUX FUR!!
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    1. thank you so much, it means a lot <3

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  11. I cried when I saw the news and I know there is another video going around about the animals in China and how they have become one of the huge producer of fur, I don't want to watch it because for sure I am going to cry hard again. I support this post. Faux Fur Please. Thanks for posting honey.

    1. I know. I cry every single time I watch those kind of videos. But I still do, the more you know - the more you can do to help the poor animals <3