21 March 2013

DIY Glitter Box

I am a college student so my desk is always under a pile of pens, highlighters etc... I finally decided to clean up my desk so I needed a place where to put all these troublemakers. I have found a box in which I got Valentine's present from my wonderful boyfriend, and it's dimensions were perfect. So it became my new DIY project. :)
The images are pretty self-explanatory, but I will elaborate on every step.

* a box, if you dont have one you can easily make it from a cardboard
* paper
* scissors, for cutting the paper
* glue, for gluing the paper to your box
* pencil
* glitter
* nail polish, it needs to be the similar shade as your glitter
* clear nail polish

And now the process of making it:
First you need to cover your box with the paper. You can use any glue for paper, whatever works for you. Then it is the drawing time! I decided to draw paws because I like animals and paws are just adorable. I found the picture online because I really want the drawing to look pretty. You can do the same or you can just draw some design of your own. Next take the colored nail polish and paint over your design, but it is important to do it part by part, because it will dry quickly and you need to apply glitter while it's still fresh. Now you need to put some glitter on, like I did on the picture. Wait a couple of seconds and then just wind your box so that all the extra glitter will fall off. Repeat these steps to completely giltterfy your drawing. When you're done, paint your drawing with clear nail polish.The last and the most important step is to use the box however you want and to enjoy your cute and useful DIY project.
I hope this was all helpful. Good luck in making yours <3


  1. This DIY is so cute! I really like it

  2. that's a lovely DIY!
    happy weekend

  3. oh thats so cute! will have to try for keeping my desk clear! great blog :) <3 <3


  4. I just love DIY! And this one is so cute! I have to try it! :)

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  6. So beautiful<3


  7. Fancy footprints! SOooo cute!

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