23 August 2013

Black & White

black purse, black purse avon, black letter purse avon, black letter fringe purse avon, black flats bows deichmann, white messenger bag carpisa, white nike sneakers, black and white

black purse, black purse avon, black letter purse avon, black letter fringe purse avon, white messenger bag carpisa, black and white
black flats bows deichmann, white nike sneakers, black and white

* Black purse - Avon
* White messenger bag - Carpisa
* Flats - Deichmann
* Sneakers - Nike

You already know how much I love monochrome looks. You have already seen my post about grey, but this time I wanted to show you my latest purchase which included black and white items. 
Black has been my favorite color since I was a kid. From my point of view it represents strength, integrity and happiness. I have always felt the most myself while wearing black. Lately I have also developed love for white. I haven't even noticed that I have bought so many white items, and I will be rocking white a lot in the future.
I hate summer and warm weather, and I spend only 5 minutes on dressing up and these items are so easy to pair with anything. Oh I can't wait for the colder weather and playing with clothes and layers again.

P.S. I am traveling to Bosnia & Herzegovina so I will be away for a while, but I hope I take some cool shots so I can share them with you when I come back.

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  1. Enjoy ur vacay darling. UR WHITE SNEAKS i'm in LOVE!!!!

  2. hi, i love that white bag sooooo much !! and i also liked your blog. I am following you now, could you please follow me back ? kisses

  3. I really love outfits that mix black and white. They look so chic together!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Oh my gooooosh! Love those white sneaks so much... White outs are the best simply chic solution. Love it!

  5. Lovely pictures! Loving your white messenger bag <3

    Joana from Who the Fuck is Chanel

  6. i will forever be a black and white fan :)) enjoy your vacation and
    i hope you'll not hate summer anymore! mehe :)


  7. So cool!!!
    Love the Nike's

  8. really like the white bag xx