30 August 2013

Ebay Wishlist

ebay wishlist, heart double finger ring, metal cuff bracelet, round sunglasses, dragon ear clip, lotr ring, ctrl alt delete pillows cushion covers, r2-d2 r2d2 mug cup, cat ear knit cap

I haven't posted wishlist in a while, so I wanted to share with you my current Ebay wishlist.

1* Hearts double finger ring I adore this one and I have to get it asap.
2* Metal cuff bracelet Silver is my favorite color when it comes to jewelry, it would be a great addition to my collection plus it would make any outfit more chic.
3* Round sunglasses They have vintage and rock vibe at the same time, how not to love them?
4* Dragon ear clip I love fantasies, epic stories, mythical creatures etc. and I have been loving dragons for years. LOTR, Skyrim, Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones are just one part of why I'm loving them so much.
5* LOTR ring LOTR is brilliant. That's all I have to say.
6* Ctrl Alt Del cushion covers Myself being in IT probably explains this one.
7* R2-D2 cup R2-D2 is one of the best characters ever, I love him!
8* Cat ear knit cap You already know how much I love cats, and this cap is number 1 on my wishlist =^.^=


  1. Uh I LOVE that ear cuff! I absolutely share your love towards dragons, I have two cool necklaces with dragons on them, I adore them and wear almost every single day :) I'd love to add that cuff to my collection!

    Much love from Epp,



  2. ohh noo ask me half of all your questions and save the rest for when we maybe meet some day!
    I would love to meet you and drink a coffee! Someday, someday we will meet!

    I like your wishlist btw, love the bracelet and the ring!!
    xx <333 & lots of hugs!

  3. ohh hey, maybe we can skype some day? While drinking a coffee? Like it's almost if we meet :D


  4. Zmajček minđušu imaš kod većine Kineza po Beogradu za 150-200 dinara. Ja imam baš takvog kao sa tvoje slike u srebrnoj i crnoj boji.

    1. Hvala na informaciji! Mada bih vec nesto porucivala iz te prodavnice pa mi je lakse da mi stigne u paketu sa ostalim stvarima, a ako ne budem porucivala onda cu da potrazim :)

    2. Radnja iza Super Vera kod faksa, 300din, imam je. ;)

  5. great list! love the cuffs and double ring :)

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  6. Omgsh, the dragon ear cuff is SO cool! I want that *_*

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Super stvarcice, imam prsten pod brojem jedan :)


  8. The LOTR ring is so cool. I just can't even. I would geek out the entire time I wore it.

    xo Ashley