17 September 2013

R2-D2 Nails

R2-D2 nails, Star Wars nails, Movie nails, Sci-Fi nails
R2-D2 nails, Star Wars nails, Movie nails, Sci-Fi nails
Golden Rose with protein 242, Golden Rose Rich Color 49, Gabrini Multivitamin  N14

Golden Rose with protein 242
* Golden Rose Rich Color 49
* Gabrini Multivitamin  N14

You might already know that I am a Star Wars addict. I have already shown you my Star Wars wishlist. If you have ever watched it you know who R2-D2 is - one of the most lovable characters from SW. This is my little interpretation of him (yes he is a robot but most of us are looking at him as a person :3). It wasn't that hard to draw it, all I did was painting my nails in 2 sections: grey and white, and then drawing blue lines on top of it.
You might have noticed that I don't have pointy nails anymore. I already told you that I probably wouldn't keep them more than couple of weeks and I was right. I feel like myself again.
Do you like Star Wars and have you ever drawn any movie references on your nails?


  1. Oh my god, these are so cool!! xx

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  2. MOja interpretacija ovoga na desnoj ruci bila bi....tuzna. Svaka ti cast.

    1. Nije ni kod mene na desnoj nista bolje :D

    2. i kod mene bi na desnoj ruci to bio fijasko :D
      super manikura, svaka čast :)
      (i sviđa mi se blog, drago mi je da sam ga otkrila )

    3. Hvala ti puno. I ja sam sad proverila tvoj i odlican je, radujem se citanju u buducnosti <3

  3. your nails are insane! i am so awful at nail art!