27 October 2013

KKCenterHk Nail Stamping Plate

KKCenterHk stamping plate

KKCenterHk stamping plateKKCenterHk stamping plate

* KKCenterHk stamping plate, stamp and scraper
* Golden Rose Rich Color 43
* Golden Rose With Protein 287

When I was asked by KKCenterHk to choose a product from their site which I want to try, I immediately knew I wanted a stamping plate. They have so many plates and the process of choosing it was quite long to be honest. You might know that I am obsessed with animals so when I came across this one I looked no further. They also sent me a stamp and a scraper. I loved how they packed the product, it had so many layers so it would arrive safely. I am not really pro in stamping but I am learning and I love how these stamps turned out. I can't decide which one is my favorite so I tried them all.
I love stamping my nails. You already know that I like unique ones and I wont leave my house without some cool nail design, so this is perfect when I don't have much time for drawing.
The another great thing is that they are giving to all my readers 10% Off, the coupon code is tanyaminxy. You can always find this coupon code on the banner at the right side of this blog.
I'm sure if you check their site you will find something you like.