26 February 2014

How To Make Your Own Nail Polish

How To Make Your Own Nail Polish
How To Make Your Own Nail Polish
How To Make Your Own Nail Polish
How To Make Your Own Nail Polish

This is my favorite DIY ever. I've been think a lot about making my own nail polish and I have found these 2 ways: using an eye shadow and a glitter.

For this DIY you need clear nail polish and an eyeshadow. I got Golden Rose with protein 201 and an old eyeshadow, I can't  even remember where it's from. In case you didn't understand pictures above, here are the steps:
1. Take your clear nail polish and pour a little bit from the bottle. You need a little space for your eyeshadow,
2. Take the eyeshadow you want to use and crush it until it becomes a loose powder.
3. Put the eyeshadow into the bottle. The easiest way to do this is by using a funnel which you can make from a paper.
4. After you have all ingredients together shake the bottle until it looks like a real nail polish.

Basically this is the same as using eyeshadow, the only difference is that this time you mix glitter with nail polish.

The last step was the funniest part, naming your own nail polishes. Surprise surprise, I named them Tanya, and as you can see the colors are called "Dolled Up" and "Fairy Dust". I printed it, glued it to the bottles and that's it. I have 2 unique nail polishes that no one else does. And the best thing of all, I love them, especially "Dolled Up".

On the last picture you can see the swatches:
* Thumb, index and middle finger - "Dolled Up"
* Ring finger - "Dolled Up" + "Fairy Dust"
* Pinky - "Fairy Dust"

Would you ever try making your own nail polish, and do you know any other way of making one?


  1. Oh I tried this and it is great idea if u have some eye shadows which you don't use :)

  2. You are seriously the nail polish queen. This just confirmed it. I didn't realize you could make your own nail polish! Awesome :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Jedno vreme je ovo bilo jako popularno, ideja je odlicna! Samo malo upozorenje: meni je jednom lak tako bukvalno eksplodirao, cela bocica se raspukla u komadice! Malo predostroznosti nije na odmet kad se radi sa hemijom :) Biraj kvalitetnije lakove i senke i vodi racuna o tome da nisu stajali izlozeni u parfimeriji, jer svetlost i toplota mogu uticati! xx

    1. O da, ne znam zasto mi je trebalo toliko dugo da probam :)
      Slazem se da treba voditi racuna o tim stvarima, kao i gde i sam skladistis lakove.
      Hvala na savetima =^.^=