10 March 2014

31DC2014 Day 19: GALAXY Nails

31DC2014 Day 19: GALAXY Nails

31DC2014 Day 19: GALAXY Nails
31DC2014 Day 19: GALAXY Nails
31DC2014 Day 19: GALAXY Nails
31DC2014 Day 19: GALAXY Nails

* Galaxy:
Golden Rose With Protein 340 / Golden Rose Rich Color 47Miss Selene 220Golden Rose With Protein 288Golden Rose With Protein 242
* Earth:
Don Juan Nail Stars LK14Golden Rose Rich Color 18Golden Rose Rich Color 49Golden Rose With Protein 242
* Sun
Gabrini 312Gabrini M103
* Moon
Gabrini 321Gabrini N14Golden Rose With Protein 287

I did galaxy nails so many times, so this time I wanted to make it more interesting. 
On the thumb is just a plain galaxy like I did many times before. All I did was sponging and then adding glitter top coat so it looks like stars. On the index finger I drew Milky Way, also with a sponge. On the middle finger I wanted to draw a sun so I was mixing orange and yellow to make it more real. On the ring finger is the Earth and I am more than proud of it. I drew it with both sponge and brush. On the pinky is the Moon for which I used different shades of grey. 
I am more than satisfied with how these nails turned out.


  1. Nisam do sada nikad vidjela da je netko ubacio i planete u galaxy manikru, pun pogodak!

  2. Prelepo je :) Mada ja nisam strpljiva, niti imam mirnu ruku da bih to mogla da nacrtam :D
    Svaka čast :)

  3. Okay, pardon the pun, but these nails are out of this world! ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Bas ti je mocno ispalo! :)

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  6. ajme odlična manikura, sviđa mi se što si ubacila i malo veće planete :D
    a i nokti ti super izgledaju *.*

  7. beautiful nails.
    Great post,dear)
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

  8. Hvala svima, mnogo mi znace lepi komentari :3

    Thank you so much <3